Art on Exhibit

Lisa Fertig

Atrium & Corridor Galleries | September 10 – October 22, 2017

I paint in two distinct styles, representational and abstract, which may at first appear irreconcilable, but are in fact two aspects of the same journey. For one, I venture out. For the other, I venture in. For both, the outcome is the same.

My representational work embodies my response to the environment, particularly to the countryside and to the shades, shadows, and colors of early mornings and late afternoons. As I paint, I recall and re-experience the peace and freedom of the open air as well as the spectacular and captivating qualities of the great outdoors. This meditative act of creating art about real places inspires and centers me in my life.

When painting in abstract, I travel inward, exploring and responding to progressions of thoughts and emotions deep within my mind. Free of visual constraints, these intangible introspective meditations take no recognizable form. Instead, they manifest themselves as successive, unfolding, and spontaneous adventures in color, texture, and composition.

No matter how or what I paint, whether the inspiration comes from within or without, the destination remains the same. I achieve relative moments of closure, of completeness, and of peace. Most importantly, my art affirms my belief in the oneness of body, mind, and the world in which we live.