Art on Exhibit

Abbie Bahnemann

Atrium & Corridor Galleries

Oil - Morning Fog 16-B 24x30

In my paintings I try to capture, through a variety of styles and media, the wonder and beauty found in the natural world.

I strive for strong light and dark contrasts and vibrant color which make a bold statement. Whether I am working in a impressionistic or more abstract style, I try to convey the strength and mystery of nature.

Many of the paintings in this show reflect images from the Minnesota Northwoods—often the west end of Burntside Lake, where I have lived part of each year since I was a child.

The pine needle baskets reflect my work as a graphic designer in three dimensions. They are fashioned from the needles of the Longleaf Pine, gathered in Georgia. The construction technique is a traditional coiling method—small bunches of needles are coiled and stitched to the previous row. A strong waxy “sinew” is used to sew the coils together, with design variation achieved by using different types of stitches and wrapping of the coils. The needles have been colored with natural dyes, which are not colorfast and subject to fading if exposed to strong light or direct sunlight. These baskets are more decorative than functional.

For more information regarding my work, please contact me at 612-760-4071 / 651-451-3845

Oil - Awakening 36x48