Show Your Soul

Writings and artworks by members and friends of White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church

Spirit: the practice of inhaling and exhaling

Too Small Imagine a proton. Desperately watching the electrons orbit them. Imagine an atom, buzzing amongst the others. Imagine an element, trying to make a difference in the world. Imagine a cell trying to create and preserve life. Imagine an organ, working with other organs to keep somebody alive. Imagine a human, working to keep a job. Imagine a family, trying to comfort each other in the dark of night. Imagine a village trying to flee the raiders. Imagine a country trying to flee the raiders. Imagine a continent trying to get the chaos to cease. Imagine Earth trying to live, but there...

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Submission: the practice of claiming power

I was reflecting on the May theme SUBMISSION: The Pract ice of claiming power, and one of the photos I contributed to the art show came into my mind and became a wonderful metaphor for me to think about this theme. The glacier slowly moves toward the sea and eventually calve s enormous chunks of ice into it. So… is the glacier submitting to the sea and claiming power, or is the see claiming power and submitting to the glacier? Does it matter if the glacier is retreating, as most glaciers are, or advancing, as this one currently is? Where are there parallels to the metaphor in my...

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Immanence: the practice of blessing the world

SELF TALK FOR TROUBLED TIMES You are old, maybe wise enough to know what you must resist courageously, where you need to persist wholeheartedly. Isn’t it obvious when you wake grateful for this sweet body that carries you, blessed by this tender earth that holds you? Really it couldn’t be more straightforward: your sole purpose is love, and that is all it has been or ever will be. So stop worrying and get on with it. —Peggy Ludtke I’ve been trying to imagine archetypal figures to fight the battles of our times. Daily now there are threats to the rights of common people. People...

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Simplicity: the practice of living by heart

Morning Run in April, Interrupted by a Sudden Sound. . . Three geese, dipping tails into a pond of pigment, rise, and with broad strokes paint sky where there had been none. More join the canvas Adding clouds and trees– budding and expectant. I forget to watch my feet. Two robins, Draw a solid stripe across my path And settle on the grass, Green, without a doubt, Their shadows. —Jean...

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Prayer: the practice of staying awake

Ode to the Moon Something about you, Full moon on a clear night, Something about you Pulls me to the window. I bask in your radiance, Stare up at you and the stars, Bright lights through The skeleton trees. You brighten these Darkest of nights, In the cold mid-winter, Illuminating the sparkling snow. I bathe in your glow, A milky wash over my weary soul. You make me pure anew, Fill me with Love’s light reflected. —Joanna Coyle Grief Walk I carry my grief around with me like a lump of clay. At times, it is a mangled, warped mass, beleaguering me as I slip into a dark hole of fear and...

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Salvation: the practice of healing

Ode to the bog in winter i see you as you are dry golden stalks broken, tattered blowing wildly in the icy wind the water at your base still flows but it is frozen in patches dark and foreboding the footprints of creatures crisscross the snowy path crows and owls hover in desolate trees the only evidence that life is active on the bog now darkness descends and for the time being you are laid open with nothing covering you in the frigid grip of winter i see you as you have been you were — not that long ago — green, pliant and alive with activity birds singing around you and settling on...

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