In Kind Giving

SPECIAL HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS We are partnering this year with strong community neighbors to shape our gratitude in this season into generous and tangible gifts. Here are several ways you and your household can take part: NEXT SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Join in the annual gift program for children of low income students at Century College. The student parents will complete a brief form describing a holiday gift their child would like and then WBUUC members, as well as faculty and staff at Century, will match up with the forms and purchase the gifts. This program makes a big difference for low income...

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October – From the Minister

The THEMES we choose each month for Sunday services (carried into discussion groups and classes) seek to reclaim a powerful spiritual vocabulary from the dusty dungeons of outworn theologies. Some strong old words still carry useful power, even if we’ve left behind the religions where first we learned them. To me, COVENANT is such a word. Someone (one of you, a member here) said to me not long ago, “Covenant is a promise I keep to myself, about the kind of person I want to be, the kind of life I mean to lead, together with all kinds of other people, and with all other living things.”...

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