Lay Leadership

LEADERSHIP: BOARD AND COMMITTEES Our church has a history of a robust and invested lay leadership. The church is governed and supported by its people.

Board of Directors

Position Name Telephone Email
President* Laurie Kigner 612-961-9338
Vice President* Mark King 651-348-8210
Secretary* Dana Boyle 651-739-7796
Treasurer* Jane Harper 651-426-0136
Past President* Steve Kahn 651-426-4297
Malia Cole 612-251-8410
Bob Shaw 651-702-0423
Laurie Wenker 651-247-1629
Renée Smith  612-558-7303
Melissa Stoddart  651-307-6981
Susan Miles 651-433-8508
Youth Rep Renee Smith
Ex-Officio* Rev. Victoria Safford 651-426-2369

*denotes Executive Committee Member


Worship Advisory Council
Leadership: Lisa Sem
The mission of the Worship Advisory Council is to work with the ministers and the music staff to ensure the quality, spirituality and inclusiveness of our worship services, which are the center of our congregational life, and to continually consider and shape those services.

Nominations and Leadership Development
Leadership: Lisa Borg
Mission: To identify, recruit, train, support and recognize lay leaders for the ongoing orderly succession of competent church leadership.

Social Action
Leadership: Jane Bacon and Al Mitchell
Mission: The mission of the Committee is to promote, facilitate, and directly engage in social and environmental action and witness in accordance with Unitarian Universalist principles and with the Mission Statement of the Church, calling for “service to the broader community and the world.” In order to fulfill this mission, the Committee identifies, initiates, facilitates, and promotes social action efforts and work groups. The Committee also provides program and funding oversight to encourage and support efforts in the highest priority social action areas.

Religious Education – Children and Youth
RGL: Malia Cole
Youth Choir: Russell Packard, director
9-11 Scholarship:
Mission: To support the Director of Religious Education and the religious education program for children at WBUUC, which focuses on the following themes: social responsibility, loving community, Unitarian Universalist identity and history, religious diversity, and ecological interdependence.

Lifespan Spiritual Development
Mission: To foster and implement a comprehensive program of learning and spiritual development for Adults based on our existing and very successful programs for Children and Youth.

Leadership: Jacob Craig
Mission: To ensure a vibrant youth ministry that nurtures, challenges, and empowers young people through learning, spirituality, support, and service. To enhance multigenerational connections within the congregation and nurture our faith.

Land Stewardship
Leadership: Jerry Condon
Mission: To protect, restore and enhance the natural environment of the church grounds, a remnant of oak savanna with intermingled prairie, wetland and woods.

HVAC / Building
Leadership: John Macke and Steve Bolton
Mission: To plan for and carry out activities needed to maintain and enhance the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of the church’s real property.

Leadership: Sara Wolff

  • Auction
    Leadership: Jody McCormick and Gloria Ferguson
  • Joyful Noise
    Leadership: Cynthia Tomlinson and Margo Berg
  • Endowment
    Leadership: Jack VerSteegh, Chair
  • Pledge
    Leadership: Jane Holzer and Jeff Nelson, Chairs

Financial Oversight Committee
Leadership: Jack Juvette
Mission: To monitor the revenue and expenses of the Church; to mind the investments of the Church; to handle stock gifts to the church and, when deemed advisable, to recommend and oversee Church audits.

Pastoral Care
Mission: To provide a one-on-one lay ministry designed to complement the pastoral care our minister provides. The Pastoral Care Associates offer short-term support to church participants in crisis involving loss, illness, life transition or loneliness. The Team also assists in planning and implementing memorial services. The Helping Hands component may provide meals, rides, household help, or other temporary assistance such as serving at memorial receptions along with other church friends.

Leadership: Karen Dahl
Mission: To develop and promote fine arts and performance programming and participation opportunities for the edification, growth and enjoyment of members, friends and visitors from the community. To enhance the beauty of our building, to enrich the aesthetic experience of our congregation, to nurture creativity, and to provide support and encouragement to artists by using our building a gallery space for visual arts.