A Song Must Be Sung (05-14-17 Sermon)

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There are angels,
so other-worldly you can only feel them –
where you can’t name or see or touch them
but know, on some level, like the soul, like the heart,
that they are the only thing holding you up
when all else falls away.

There are angels,
so earthly you can hold their hand,
hear their weeping as they sit with you in grief,
lean on them when your strength is wavering –
who get you a cup of a coffee
and bring over hot dish and jello salad
and lemon bars that will heal anyone.

There are angels
beyond number
spilling out and over the head of that pin,
flying through God
just above our head, below our feet,
within our heart –
and they come out singing.

-Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, “A Song Must Be Sung”
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Powerless and Powerful (05-07-17 Sermon)

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Yet there rises now this question: what if the crisis of this moment is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness the womb, with something new and mighty, wholly terrifying but beautiful and strong and loving, waiting to be born? This is about what story we’re going to choose to live in going forward – not alternative facts, but an alternative intention, an alternative allegiance or fidelity. It’s about looking at the only facts, and choosing an alternative loyalty.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, Powerless and Powerful

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Dreams and Bones (04-09-17 Sermon)

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When I say sacred, I mean the architecture of this radiant creation, and whatever we intuit, whatever we discover, whatever it reveals to us, of beauty, truth, and love. For me, words like “sacred” refer to the common, holy mystery of life and death. We are part of the cosmos, fragments of its holiness, and in our relation to the whole – expressed as reverence, expressed as joy, as gratitude, as prayer, and among us as compassion- the sacred is made manifest. It is the larger love which transcends our understanding, but which touches us, terrifies us and delights us, meets us, feeds us, in daily tangible, physical, material, ordinary ways.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Dreams and Bones” Download 04-09-17-sermon pdf

April Showers (04-02-17 Sermon)

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is the belief
that there is no veil, no separation,
between the sacred and this world –
between the Holy and our lives.
It is a belief in the sacred, sanctified dimension
of the common – the ordinary – the daily presentations.

-Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, “April Showers” Download 04-02-17-sermon pdf

Test All Things (03-26-17 Sermon)

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Test all things. Hold fast which is true- and strip away the rest, give away the rest. Find the music that sustains you. Be fully present to your tears and your rage, and the way you love the light in early spring. Be bold enough to ask out loud the most basic, simple questions.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Test All Things”
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The Heart of the Matter (03-19-17 Sermon)

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To have a crocus heart is to know deep down what’s important to you.
To have courage is to filter through the tangled thicket that is this life,
this world –
from every distraction
telling us who to be or what to do or when to fear;
and find what is at our core – our heart –
and from that place we speak our truth, live our values -
to crack the ice and break through the hard ground
to the beauty and the light and fresh air
of integrity, authenticity – a gathered life
where we put our energy and time
as much as we are able – into who we are, what we do,
how we spend our time and live the life we imagine.

-Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, “The Heart of the Matter”
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How Could We Not (03-12-17 Sermon)

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Love thy neighbor. Love thy gay neighbor, thy Muslim neighbor thy black neighbor, thy brown neighbor, thy neighbor who is homeless, thy native neighbor, thy trans neighbor, thy Asian neighbor, thy white neighbor, thy Jewish neighbor, thy Christian neighbor, thy neighbor with disabilities, thy neighbor without documents, thy atheist neighbor, thy addicted neighbor, thy neighbor with mental illness, thy neighbor in jail, thy neighbor elder, thy neighbor child…

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “How Could We Not”
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Gathered Here (03-05-17 Sermon)

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It is our aspiration, imperfectly embodied, and it is not easy. We stumble all the time. We scrape our knees, wound our pride, wound each other, drop our guard, start over. We forgive ourselves and each other; we begin again, and yet again, in love. “All are welcome, ” all are saved, is a wild, heretical theology, and we practice and practice this religion, trying to get it right.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Gathered Here”
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The Divine Hours (02-12-17 Sermon)

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What restores your soul, waters your spirit, keeps you sane and laughing (also crying)? What guides your feet and anchors you daily in gratitude, compassion and wonder? Do that. Whatever it is. Read that. Recite that. Pray that. Sing that. Find true north with that. Breathe that.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “The Divine Hours”
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Our Native Language (02-05-17 Sermon)

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Sometimes people ask about prayer. People (some of you) will call or write or come in and say, “I’m not religious. I don’t know what I believe about God. I don’t know who to pray to. I haven’t prayed in years, or ever. I don’t know what to say. It’s all a little embarrassing. I’m fine with meditation, yoga, journaling, silent retreats, speaking the names, but prayer feels really weird, ” – yet there they are, and asking about it, expressing interest, maybe longing, maybe desperate need, and so I’ll say, “Start really small. Make a little bit of time, make a little space. Breathe in, breathe out. If you are moved to speak and don’t know what to say, you could try four sentences:
In this moment, I am thankful for ___________________.
I am afraid of __________________________________.
I hope for _____________________________________.
I wonder ______________________________________.
And then breathe in and out again.”

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Our Native Language”
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