A Prayer

A prayer from Rev. Victoria Safford

When you are lonely,
take a breath.
Gather your friends in your heart, in your mind.
See how they appear, one by smiling one,
on the screen behind your eyes.
Linger with each, cherishing each
and trust that they cherish you from afar
on the screen behind their eyes.

When you are lonely,
and scared,
take a breath.
Gather your elders, the wise and the weak,
all the ones a long time gone
and all the ones still here, keeping on.
Linger with each, bless them with thanks
and ask them in turn to bless you.
Close your eyes and quietly hear the whisper of their voices,
quietly breathe with the touch of their hand on your brow.

When you are lonely,
so anxious, afraid,
take a breath, if you can.
Lonely, you are not alone.
Gather your people,
which now means all people.
Cherish them, bless them,
hold them in love,
on the screen behind your eyes.
With unprecedented tenderness,
take a breath and understand
that with unprecedented tenderness
they are holding you, in turn.
We are holding you.
I see you
on the screen behind my eyes.