Ain’t That the Truth (01-24-16 Sermon)

“The narrative we’re told is we absolutely have to portray that we’re stable,
that we’re educated but not elitist,
that we’re caring but not over emotional,
that we’re laid back but not lazy,
that we’re hard working but not over-working,
that we’re rational but not heartless,
that we’re open minded but not wishy-washy,
that we’re fierce in our opinions but not fundamentalist…
I don’t know about you, but I’m reminded every day
my life is not so perfect and tidy…
Ain’t it the truth
that we are going to fail
and our jeans will rip
and our heart will break
and that’s okay.
Because the truth is we will also succeed sometimes
and there are more pants
and our heart can still be mended.”

– Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, “Ain’t That the Truth”

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