American Gospel (11-06-16 Sermon)

This is no moment to bail out and no moment for despair, because if we give up, then truly all is lost. This is a moment for people of faith (I’m talking about liberal faith – small l – the progressive, open, free-faith tradition, Unitarian Universalists and many, many others, people planted on the side of love) – this is a moment for people of faith to rise up and show up and speak out, not just on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and all the days ahead of us, the four years and more years stretching out in front of us, and in front of our children. Election Day is the beginning of the struggle, not the end. We must not be dis-couraged, must not let our courage be crushed. We need to re-gather our vision, re-collect our story, reconstitute our confidence in the country that is our country.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “American Gospel”
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