Brand new people – Age old questions (02-28-16 Sermon)

A list of reminders when making moral decisions:
- Respect the rule of law but also think beyond the rules.
- Question authority. Question WHY.
- Speak up. Intervene when something is wrong.
- Consider your own sense of right and wrong.
- Know yourself.
- Step away. Take a break to figure out what’s going on, to understand, and to assess things.
- Talk to someone you trust and respect: parents, friends, someone.
- Know history. Pay attention to what’s going on in the world.
- Weigh your decisions against yourself, then your religion, then society.
- Think about larger and larger circles of people.
- Think about your impact on others.
- Put yourself in others’ shoes.
- Nurture empathy.
- Pay attention to your feelings, and notice your sense of innocence or guilt.
- Consider your heart.
- Consider the people you love.

- WBUUC Youth