Show Your Soul

Writings and artworks by members and friends of White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church

BLESSING: The Practice of Noticing

“The theme for December is interesting:  Noticing.  As a photographer (and therapist) – I am trained to notice the overlooked or taken-for-granted – in gestures and speech, and  in the exquisitely small things in the environment. Here are some examples from my photos. These shot were there under my nose, I just had to stop and pause, and be mindful, and LOOK.” Photos by Ken Stewart  

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COMPASSION: The Practice of Crossing Borders

Photos by Ken Stewart  

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SILENCE: The Practice of Waiting

Silence by Don Lifto Sweet silent soul work; Solace…weary spirit rest. Miracles abound. I am introverted by nature. Not to be confused with shyness, (although I am somewhat shy as well) introversion has more to do with where you are most comfortable and satisfied – in the world with many or alone in what philosopher Soren Kierkegaard characterized as a search for truth and meaning in “passionate inwardness.” Introversion also does not mean one is a hermit or would be happy stranded on a forgotten island talking to the seagulls. The fact that introversion has historically been perceived as...

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IDENTITY: The Practice of Telling Our Stories

On the Journey         Diane Markel Tears wept Allowed to flow down my face From my eyes To my heart To my very soul. These tears These hot, sad pieces of salt water Not from the ocean But from my own eyes—— These tears, yes, indeed, a part of the ocean at one time These tears are cleansing. What to cleanse, you ask? My soul’s soul—deep inside—cut to the quick by shards of pain Cries out in the depths of shock and hurt and sadness and proliferating abundant soul sickness. This ancient sickness festered until, years upon years later, it will come out It does come out—in waves, salt-water...

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FAITH: The Practice of Living the Questions

Mysteries by Sheila Moriarty “It is a mystery,” Mother said, referring to the belief that there were three persons in one God. “There are many mysteries in life, Sheila. We have to take them on faith because we are not supposed to understand them.” The Holy Trinity was only one such puzzle. Each week when Mother dragged me with her to visit the Copley Square Library in Boston, I gazed up at the painting on the ceiling from the wide marble stairway that led to the second floor. Spread across the wall was a giant size mural of three godlike men dressed like kings, each one of whom sat on a...

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SANCTUARY: The Practice of Finding Home

Here are my interpretations of the theme “Sanctuary,” taken at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France. –Ken Stewart

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