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Sunday Service is on YouTube, Budget and Planning Update, Pastoral Care



Sunday’s Service is on YouTube

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Budget and Planning Update

Your Board of Directors is drafting an operations budget based on a program plan presented by the Lead Minister and Executive Committee, for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Our church is vibrant and resilient, but the budget cuts will be severe: we anticipate a potential cut of 25-30% in staffing and programs. Thanks to all who made a pledge this year to support the 2020-2021 operating budget of our church. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET MADE YOUR PLEDGE, OR WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION, CLICK HERE:

Some households have inquired whether it would be helpful now to pay their pledges for the for the coming year, in advance. The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY. If it is possible for you to pay your 20-21 pledge in part or in full right now, this will make a serious difference to the hard choices facing the Board. Click the link below to donate to WBUUC. And as ever, if you need to reconsider your pledge due to difficult circumstances, we understand; please just let us know so we may budget accordingly.





Pastoral Care

Many of you are asking how and whether members of our congregation are experiencing COVID-19 in their own families. While we cannot share anyone’s personal details, we do know that people in several households have tested positive for the virus, and to date all are recovering. We also know that members and friends here are worried about relatives and others who have COVID-19 or have been exposed in care facilities or workplaces, and we know that some have lost beloved family members and friends. Our ministers and Pastoral Care team provide spiritual care, and the Care Convener circles offer support and care as well. For support, or pastoral care appointments, please do contact Rev. Sara Goodman ( or Victoria Safford (