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Using our online directory, you can make your pledge, see your contributions and schedule online giving. You can also view upcoming events on the church calendars and find contact information and photos for members.

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Contact Anna Gehres at or call 651-426-2369 x107.
See the WBUUC Acceptable Usage Policy for ChurchLife



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Set up or log in to your ChurchLife account:

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If you haven’t logged into the online directory yet and need to create an account you do not need to enter any email address or password in the Sign In box yet. Instead, go underneath the box and see Need a login? Click here. Click on the link.

Next you will see the ‘Account Sign Up’ screen. Type in the email address the church has on file for you, first name and last name and click the ‘Find Me’ button.

If you see a ‘Congratulations’ box, you will have an email automatically sent to your email address.  This email asks you to create a password for your new ChurchLife account. Now you will need to log into your email account and open the email from WBUUC to create a new password for logging into the online directory.
Your final step is to go directly to the ’Sign In’ box, enter your email address along with your new password and open your online account!

If you are not found on the system, it could be that you are using an email address that we don’t have on file for you. Please email if you need your email address we have on file. Once you receive a response, go back to step one and create your account. With your new account, you can view your profile and make any updates.

Sign Up or Log In to Church Life


If you’ve already set up your account, enter your email address or username and password in the sign in box.


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Make updates to your ChurchLife profile:

Log in to ChurchLife. Start at the ‘Home’ Menu on the blue menu bar and click on ‘My Profile’.

You can make updates to your basic contact information on this screen by clicking on the pencil icons.  Please check that your home address, preferred email address, home phone and cell phone numbers are current. You may choose to further update your personal information by clicking the ‘Personal Info’ tab. We appreciate having your birth date, gender and pronoun preferences as this information helps us reach out to you with relevant information about a wide range of groups and events at the church that may be of interest to you. When you are finished, hit the ‘Submit’ button.


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Upload a photo:

From your online directory account (your main account page is called My Profile), see the blue Edit button toward the top right of your screen. Click on the button and this takes you to another screen where you can make changes to your account. Again, toward the far top right of your screen, you will see a Personal Photo button. Click on it and this will take you to the page where you can upload your photo for the directory. Near the empty New Photo box where it reads ‘Upload New Photo:’ click on the Choose File button. This allows you to search for and choose a .jpg photo from your computer. After you select a photo, wait a few moments for the directory system to upload it, then hit the blue Preview button. This is how the photo will look in the directory. If you like how it appears, hit the blue Save button. The directory software can take up to three days to completely save the photo for full viewing in the directory.

If the photo does not load, the format may not be a .jpg or the .jpg file is probably too large. Typically, simple photos like head shots (photos taken from chest to head) load well.


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Customize your directory profile (remove all/only show specific information):

  • By default you ARE included in the online directory.
  • To make edits, under the ‘Home’ menu, choose ‘My Account’.
  • Click on the ‘Personal Preferences’ tab.
  • To remove all of your information: Uncheck the box ‘Include my family’ in the Family Directory and Individual Directories.
  • To show only specific information: Click on the checkbox for each type of contact information you want viewable to others in the directory.

To choose whether you see photos when you view the directory, click on the checkbox below ‘Viewing Preferences’ so that the:

  • Checkbox is empty (photos WILL appear).
  • Checkmark appears (photos will NOT appear).


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View your membership, contributions and pledge information:

  • Under the ‘Home’ menu, choose ‘My Profile’. Your contact information will be displayed.
  • To see your contributions for the year, click on the ‘My Giving History’ tab.
  • To see your pledges, click the ‘My Pledge History’ tab.


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Search for someone in the directory:

  • Under the ‘Home’ menu, choose ‘My Overview’.
  • Using the Search box on the right-hand side, enter the last name and/or first name of the person you are looking for.
  • The contact information for persons matching your search appears.


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Install the free ChurchLife mobile app:

  • This installation is recommended after you set up your account as you will need your username and password to log in.
  • iPhone users:
    Click here to download or open up the App Store on your phone and search for: ACS Church Life and click ‘Get’.
  • Android users:
    Click here to download or open up Google Play on your phone and search for: ACS Church Life and click ‘Install’.


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See more about gender identity within ChurchLife:

Please note that the default Gender field in our database does not reflect the non-binary spectrum of gender identities that WBUUC embraces.  Since it is not possible to alter this category in the software, we have created our own Gender Identity field.  You will be able to view and edit both of these fields in the Personal Info tab of the of Profile section.  We also created a field so can select your pronouns in the Profile section.  If you do not see your gender identity and/or pronouns represented in the drop down lists, we can add them – please contact Anna in the office (  Click for more information on pronouns.


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WBUUC Acceptable Usage Policy for Church Life:

This directory contains personal membership information and is at no time to be used for business or professional distribution.


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Contact Anna Gehres at or call 651-426-2369 x107.


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