Communication Tools

Communication & Room Reservation Forms
These forms are provided to WBUUC Volunteer Leaders as a way of collecting, organizing and submitting information efficiently for communications at WBUUC. Questions about these forms? Contact Betsy Bance at or call 651-426-2369 x 109.

Online Forms:
Room Reservation Form
Weekly Announcements Form Deadline: Wednesday, 12 noon

Guidelines for ALL Submissions – Please review before submitting information

  • We reserve right to edit material that is too long or that contains incorrect grammar or spelling, and to refuse material that is not appropriate; however, every effort will be made to be inclusive.
  • Submit the text by filling out the appropriate form online. All formatting will be lost (this includes text boxes, indentations, tabs, colored text, etc.)–if your formatting is important to you, please attach a word document or .pdf.
  • If it is an event, please include the date, time, and location (room name if at WBUUC). Please reserve a space BEFORE announcing it! To do this, email Betsy Bance at or call 651-426-2369 x 109 or fill out a Room Reservation Request Form online.
  • Images: photos and clip art images may be submitted for announcements, and will be included if there is room (please note that there is almost never room for images in the Sunday announcements). Please submit your image as a .jpg and include a caption (yes, even for clip art)—especially the name(s) of those pictured. If it is a photo, make sure you have the permission and state the name(s) of the person/people pictured. No identifiable photos of children will be printed unless the photographer has obtained written parental permission to show the child.
  • Include Contact information.