December From the Minister

As I contemplate our monthly theme of blessing, I find it impossible not to mention the biggest blessing in my life right now. Next month, January 2020, I will be giving birth to a daughter, a blessing in the life of my family, and hopefully in the life of this congregation. This whole new person will be here, making a space for herself in this world.

Being near the end of a pregnancy in the season of Advent, the waiting time leading up to Christmas, is a particularly fascinating experience, imagining the parallels of my experience with the experience of Mary as she anticipated the birth of her first child.

The physical discomfort of the final month of pregnancy. The anticipation of meeting a new little person that will undoubtably change life as we know it. The impossibility of anticipating the challenges that come with birth and the period just after when we are learning how to keep a tiny person alive. Anticipation and hope, fear and confusion, all mixed into a beginning that will change the world.

As Sophia Lyons Fahs wrote:

“… Each night a child is born is a holy night— / A time for singing, / A time for wondering, / A time for worshiping.” Each child brought into this world is a blessing, and we are given the opportunity to notice, once again, what it is that this world means to us, what it is to be a new human on this planet, what it means to tend to the world and make room for the changes that the new generations will bring.

As you move through this anticipatory time, waiting for the official beginning of winter, experiencing the shortening of the days and the extension of the night, what blessings are you noticing in your life?

-Rev. Sara Goodman