Each Other’s Magnitude and Bond (03-06-16 Sermon)

We’re held here in community,
by a fabric stronger than our own thin cloaks…
In this church we are also held, and even more profoundly,
in a graceful and forgiving theological narrative
that insists that all are beloved of God…
That is the radical, heretical, saving message of Universalism.
We ourselves, in human form, in mortal, messy, clumsy form,
are not just the image of God,
but the very shape,
the actual ears, eyes, hands,
beholding you and holding you when the
weight of the world is too much.
In this house we uphold and we are held within
a graceful, hopeful, laughing, weeping,
forgiving, saving faith.

—Rev. Victoria Safford, “Each Other’s Magnitude and Bond”
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