Facing Race Monthly Discussion Articles

The GI Bill – Discovering the meaning of unearned privilege
Chapter 7 of Waking Up White: and finding myself in the story of RACEby Debbie Irving;


Dear Grandpa Massa: An Open Letter to My White Ancestor for Confederate Memorial Day, by Michael Twitty, from Afroculinaria, Ap. 23, 2018


The Newest Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander, New York Times Opinion, Nov. 8, 2018


”Dangerous Ground” by David Gessner, Sept. 4, 2018 from The American Scholar


Tears We Cannot Stop–A Sermon to White Americaby Michael Eric Dyson
Chapter V.3 – The Plague of White Innocence (Opening and Closing sections)
not available online


White Washing White Supremacy: Media Rushes to Excuse Covington Catholic StudentsRewire News Jan 22, 2019, by Jodi Jacobson


White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It’s not,by Robin DiAngelo;


Why are we talking about white supremacy?The idiot’s guide to critical race theory,by Crystal Fleming 1/21/2019 UU World Magazine WiINTER 2018
from How To Be Less Stupid About RaceBeacon Press.


Black is a Country, by Wendy Thompson Taiwo,


Dear Fellow White People from “Dear Fellow White People”: AN APPEAL FOR SUSTAINED DISCOMFORT, by Hannah Adair Bonner, Curator of The Shout.


One Minnesota Cannot Be Color Blind (Brett Grant)