The Honeybeelujah! Show!

The Honeybeelujah! Show! with Reverend Billy and the Stop-Shopping Choir
Saturday, June 16, 2018 | 7:30pm
Tickets: Adults $10, Kids $5, $25 family maximum
Available on Sundays (starting May 20th) | Get Tickets Online

A show about the corporate causes of the collapse of honeybee colonies! Won’t you join them to advocate for this petite pollinator?

Rev Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir is a New York City-based, award-winning national phenomena – a radical performance community. They are anti-consumerist gospel shouters and Earth loving urban activists who have defended community, life, resisting Consumerism and Militarism. Their activism and hilarious parody is the content for their awesome choir and Rev Billy’s comic, activist preaching.


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