May From the Minister

When we speak about what is of worth to our congregation, I think each person who comes regularly might have a slightly different answer: our building, our art, the music program, the social justice work . . . . But what is it that we worship every Sunday? What is it that we do together that makes the people come back to the building to see the art, to hear the music, to participate in the social and environmental justice opportunities? To what do we give worth—what do we “worth-ship?”

I think we “worth-ship” relationship; I think we “worth-ship” spiritual depth and intellectual rigor. I think if our sacred building burned, or our sacred artifacts were damaged, we would still be White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church. We are the people who bring their whole and broken selves to this community of people, the people who share who they are with vulnerabilities and strengths, fears and anxieties, loves and hopes. We give ourselves to this WBUUC community, to build it stronger, to build ourselves stronger.

This month, Jack and I will be dedicating ourselves to this community, and in turn, you—as members of this community—will be dedicating yourselves to us. In a very special two-part ceremony, the congregation will first be ordaining Jack into Unitarian Universalist ministry, officially granting him the mantle of minister and the title of Reverend. You will then be joining into a covenanted relationship with both Jack and me as you install us as your Assistant Ministers. We are excited about this event and what it represents to us, both as individuals and as a part of the larger White Bear UU Church community.

Another way that we deepen our connections to the community is through continuity. From June 9 through Labor Day, our programs shift into summer scheduling, but the vibrancy of Sunday services, programming for children and youth, and other gatherings continues. This summer, we’ll enjoy easy potluck dinners every Wednesday evening, and deepen our shared learning through a planned series of films and short social justice documentaries. Carol Caouette, Mary Duncan, and exciting guest musicians will lead Sunday services together with our ministers and powerful guest preachers. Plan to join us—and bring friends! Summer is a great time for adults and families to experience our congregation and community.

-Rev. Sara Goodman