Membership Journey

White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church Membership Book

White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church Membership Book

Membership Classes

At WBUUC, we offer a two-session Membership Class. These sessions will be offered on an alternating basis between Zoom and in-person at 328 Maple Street.

In Membership 1, we explore the history and theology of Unitarian Universalism. Participants will get a chance to meet each other and articulate what has been meaningful to them about finding this community.

In Membership 2, we’ll talk about the history of our congregation, the importance of covenant, and the expectations and rewards of membership. The class ends with a small ceremony of membership for those ready to become members.

After participating in Membership I, you can take Membership II at any time.

Membership 1: RSVP Here
Multiplatform – Sunday, May 22 | 2-3:30pm*
*(after the congregation-wide potluck)

Membership 2: RSVP Here
Multiplatform – Sunday, June 5 | 1-3pm

New Member Theme Circle : Contact Rev. Jack for more information.
Virtual Circle – 2nd Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm
In-person Circle – 3rd Sundays from 12:30-2:30pm