04/12/21 Announcement from the WBUUC Music Program

Dear Friends,

With deepest gratitude for more than two decades of extraordinary music, we will bid farewell at the end of this year to Choral Director Thaxter Cunio.  Just over a year ago, Thaxter shared with us his intention to retire. We were so grateful when he chose to stay on with us for one more year.  Now, however, he is ready to step away from his position here, and with heartfelt gratitude, we wish him well.

We are so grateful to Thaxter for guiding the choir through this year of singing on Zoom.  The audio and video recordings have been outstanding, and to see those faces, hear those voices, once a month has anchored the congregation in familiar beauty.  More, we are grateful to Thaxter for a quarter-century of teaching and encouraging our congregation to sing with glad hearts. He has built a small chorus into a large and truly exceptional choir, and this legacy will live on.

In June, before he leaves, we will celebrate Thaxter on a Sunday morning, showcasing some of the amazing choral work he’s led this year, and hearing tributes from many fans and friends, acknowledging the extraordinary gift of music Thaxter has given the congregation for so long.  Stay tuned!

Going forward, a small ad hoc Music Advisory Committee will support Director of Music Carol Caouette in developing a plan to keep the choir strong and singing, in digital space for now, and someday soon, in person with us all.

Thaxter’s letter to the Board of Directors is below.

In love and gratitude,

Victoria Safford, Lead Minister                                          Carol Caouette, Director of Music


Dear Victoria and the WBUUC Board of Directors,

Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am leaving my position at WBUUC on June 30, 2021. It has been an honor since 1996 serving first as choir director then music director and then virtual choir director. Thanks again to you and the board for helping make that latter position possible. What a musical journey this has been! I will miss working with this incredible staff, especially you, Victoria, and Carol Caouette, this amazing choir that started out as 16 singers and blossomed to over 60 choristers, the awesome in-house musical talent and this congregation that sings with gusto! My hope of hopes is that singing continues to flourish at WBUUC.

Yours in Music,




Thaxter Cunio
Director of the WBUUC Virtual Choir
White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church