October From the Minister

For me, a church means pushing and pulling, reaching and grabbing on to the things that connect us to each other, the moments of thinking deeply about a topic with others, or a caring hug on a Sunday morning. Church means finding hard, stuck places and working through them together. For me, church means being held by a community of people who care about your wellbeing and safety. Church means we are not alone in the beauty and hardship of this life.

When we come to a church as a newcomer, when we gather for the first time with a group of people that we hope to find a home with, often there is a gap. A gap between I want to find home, and I don’t know who to talk to, yet. It can be pretty scary to come to a place like this and not know where we belong. One of the ways that I have found to connect with people is to join a group or a class. That way, I am able to find people I recognize on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. Be it a theme circle, or an identity group (men’s group, young adult group, etc.); a year-long class, or a series of Wednesday night Soulwork sessions, there are so many ways for us to gather.

If you are a long-time member or a recent visitor, we want you to engage with all the possible classes, social justice projects, support groups, and creativity-related gatherings as you are open to, so that you can make this place your spiritual home.

– Rev. Sara Goodman