On the Way (03-20-16 Sermon)

Just like ourselves, Unitarian Universalism is always transforming, and we have some growing up to do – which is good. We are on the way – always becoming and being made new.

We can, and do, speak about how great this faith is
without critiquing or rejecting or mocking another faith.
We can, and do, celebrate the personal freedom of faith it offers
without having fear that someone’s else’s language –
traditional or new-age – is deficient, threatening, simple, or archaic.

This is what church does:
it brings us out of our
isolated selves, out of our individualism,
bringing us face to face with the largest questions
of life and love and death and hope and resilience
and placing our soul
vulnerable and open
to the mystery and wonder
of God, of earth, of sky,
and doing so together – side by side, hand in hand,
reminding ourselves and each other,
the state of our soul is marked
and sealed
as beloved.

-Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, “On the Way”
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