Multigenerational Worship


Worship at 10am

Whether you choose to continue to join us via Zoom or in-person, here is what you will notice:

Multigenerational Worship. Children and youth will remain in the sanctuary for the entire service, and each service will be broadcast live on Zoom. Stories, readings, sermons, music are intentionally crafted with a community of all ages in mind. 

Shorter Services. While services ran about an hour in length before the pandemic, services will now be closer to 45 minutes in length.


Social Hour at 11am:

Small groups for all ages: During our in-person social hour, we will offer circles especially for children and youth ages 4-15 years old. Youth ages 16+ will be invited to join the circles for adults. Our circles for kids and teens during this time will not be unlike the circles that they experienced in their Religious Education classes: we will light a chalice, craft a covenant, build community, and make friends. If your child would like to participate in these circles, please let us know when you register for Sunday morning worship.