Reading: Week of 4/12/21

Reading and Questions for Reflection
for your own practice and for discussion in Wednesday’s Soulwork gathering

EVERY MORNING Thu, 05/28/2020 – 15:00 — Boykinator5318

He wakes up.
And starts to get ready for his day.
He brushes his teeth
Because his mama always said she wouldn’t let any son of hers go out with booty breath.
He shaves his face.
Just like she had always taught him
Far better than any man ever could.
Or at least,
She tried her best.
He took out the nice shirt and pants his mama had pressed for him
She said no son of hers would go out lookin ragged in unpressed clothes.
He thanked her.
He looked in the mirror at the image staring back at him.
He looked at the clean-shaven face,
Pearly white teeth,
And the freshly pressed shirt
Over his dark skin.
He squared his shoulders
Because no son of his mamas should walk anything but tall.

Little does he know
His mama’s been up for hours.
Another boy dead in the street on the news.
She remembered the first time she brought home
Her beautiful son.
He was a
Beautiful boy
In his eyes
She saw all the pain he knew he would see
She saw all that struggle she knew he would face.
And it terrified her.
Because she loved him with every fiber of her being
Every tooth and nail
Every pore
Every tear.
So she pressed his shirts
And made sure he brushed his teeth
Taught him please and thank you
And sir and ma’am
Made him stand tall
And put a good head on his shoulders
And hoped, it would be enough.
Because what do you tell your son to protect him from dying?
When who knows if the other mamas will teach their white children to stop the killing.

Every morning
She makes him kiss her goodbye
As he walks out the door
Into the world.
Every morning she prays
That it is not the last time she sees her son
Who is now a

Every morning
He kisses his mother goodbye
Because she taught him how to be a man
Better than any man ever could.
Or at least,
She tried her best.
And he stands tall
Because he is proud to be her son.

Yesterday, a 20-year-old black man was killed by police, again.

  • How do you prepare to go out into a dangerous world?
  • How do/did you prepare your children?