Reading: Week of 9/20/21

Reading and Questions for Reflection
for your own practice and discussion.

Translated from the Hebrew by TSIPI KELLER

On the threshold of half a house in the Land of Israel
my father stood
pointing to the sides and saying:
Upon these ruins
one day we will build a kitchen
to cook in it a Leviathan’s tail
and a wild bull,
upon these ruins
we will build a corner for prayer
to make room
for a bit of holiness.
My father remained on the threshold
and I, my entire life,
have been erecting scaffolding
reaching up to the sky.


  • Have you ever looked at the ruins of something – a dream – a home – a life – and saw a different future? Tell a story about it.
  • How have you built on the dreams of the people who raised you?
Photo of a doorway in ruins

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels