Reflection-Discussions on Race and White Supremacy

diangeloAt WBUUC we show up all the time to “grow our souls & serve the world.”  And, so, the FRSC began with soul work.

In monthly reflection-discussions we engage with books and articles and movies and songs and prayers and podcasts in which wise people expose the insidiousness of racism. We take them in through our intellect and then let them seep deep inside to see how it touches us — because until we feel the weight of this on a spirit-level, we will stay only in our heads. This is deep soul work — to decouple identity and oppression.

We return again and again to three guiding questions:

  • How have I witnessed white supremacy this week, month?
  • What is this book/article/movie/song/prayer/podcast asking of me?
  • What is it asking of our church community?

Feelings run high and ideas flow fast when we talk about race. We seek to encourage openness, honesty and respect for the contributions of all participants. We covenant to provide a space where we all can give voice to our attitudes and questions about racism and white privilege. We encourage each other to go deep, to risk in order to learn and grow.


Reflection-discussions will continue monthly in 2019-20 at Wednesday evening forums, November — May. The articles or other materials for the discussions will be available in advance in the social hall.