Roger’s Recombobulation Area Articles

From Rev. Roger Bertschausen, Interim Lead Minister


COVID Protocol Changes | 05.19.22

With the invaluable help of our dedicated medical advisory team, we continue to monitor the pandemic’s trends as well as ever-evolving medical information and resources. One of the key metrics we continue to use is the extent to which our medical system and especially hospitals and ICUs are stressed. Fortunately, that metric is looking better.


We will institute the following important changes to our COVID protocol on May 29:
  • Masking will be recommended but not required of fully vaccinated adults for all activities at WBUUC other than worship. Because worship services are a time when all ages–including children under 5 who are not eligible for the vaccine–are present for an extended period and there is vocal and wind instrument music, masks will continue to be required for all people in worship services. Children 3 and up and youth will also continue to be required to mask at all times when participating in Religious Education activities.
  • Food as well as beverages are allowed.


All other aspects of our current protocol will continue--including vocal ensembles of up to 15 singing with masks during worship services. One to three singers and/or wind instrumentalists may perform unmasked behind the plastic shield.


We anticipate reopening the nursery sometime in the next few months. We are working on hiring staff and getting the nursery set up. Stay tuned for more information.


As always, please get in touch with me if you have questions or concerns. And, also as always, our protocol is not only subject to change but will undoubtedly be changed as circumstances change.