Life’s Longing for Itself (05-13-18 Sermon)

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There are almost never guarantees, that the cause will be won, the war averted, that the child will grow up happy and healthy and perfectly safe, or the deliberate smiles that you bring to your co-workers and strangers in stores and in the skyway and the street will ever be noticed, much less have effect. So much in this life is out of our hands, and you do it anyway, and try to do it carefully, reliably, honorably, reverently, and well, which I guess is the trademark of people of faith. We believe all this accumulates.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Life’s Longing for Itself”

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Home Economics (05-06-18 Sermon)

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I believe the blood in our veins is unanimous, like the rain from which it derives, and we all bear
a common name and that name is Beloved. That name is Worthy.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Home Economics”
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Eternity and Elements of Dust (04-22-18 Sermon)

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We touch the whole, the universal, always through the particular. I don’t know if you can really
love the earth, anymore than you can love humanity, except theoretically, on principle. But we
can love each other in particular, and we cherish certain places and thereby hold a reverence for
the whole.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Eternity and Elements of Dust”

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Time to Wake Up! (04-01-18 Sermon)

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“We forget to keep the promises we started with, to be simply grateful and amazed, to stay enchanted, stay awake. When we’re awake we notice things – beauty all around, and brokenness, all around. When we’re wide awake, not drifting in complacency or apathy or cynicism or denial – when we’re wide awake and brave enough to notice things, we can keep our vows.”

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Time to Wake Up!”

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Little and Large (03-18-18 Sermon)

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There are times to go quiet, to withdraw, to retreat, times to turn down the volume, turn off the news, even your own news – but I do believe that strong communities are made so by their weakness – strong families, congregations, countries, able to name and speak and hear and hold in courageous love everything that must be held and owned and lived through, everything we must survive, everything we must defend, everything we must transform.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Little and Large”
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