Use Your Inside Voice (12-02-18 Sermon)

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Silence is a spiritual practice and an ethical requirement, but only when balanced by speaking.We go within (in meditation, contemplation, prayer) in order to come out, to bring to full volume, full courage, full love the power and integrity and force of our conviction. Use your inside voice.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Use Your Inside Voice”

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In the Beginning, Once Upon a Time (11-11-18 Sermon)

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But everywhere around us, we hear a different music, equally ancient, equally true and even more true. We sing a different song; we’re writing chapters all the time, drafting a new script even as we’re standing on the stage. Your kind neighbor, your curious and merry child, your friend, the person here at church who knows your name, the candidates who weren’t afraid, and won’t be now in office, to speak about the common good.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “In the Beginning, Once Upon a Time”

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Come Wake Me Up (11-04-18 Sermon)

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We need everybody present and accounted for, present and accountable, telling in the first person plural a new story which is an old story, an ancient, holy story about who we are and who we’re called to be, which some of you might call “children of God,” and some might just call “good and decent people, brave, creative, visionary people,” humans trying to be better than we’ve been so far, trying to be more human and humane.
-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Come Wake Me Up”

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Keeping Faith (10-21-18 Sermon)

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We reach for any good word we can possibly use, and some of them are ancient, holy words, archaic, clumsy, tarnished, not accurate, not literal, not scientific or efficient, but still possibly, everlastingly true.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Keeping Faith”

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In Good Faith (10-14-18 Sermon)

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I have rarely given, sold, or bought something and regretted it. I have given money to people who likely used it to buy drugs, I have sold something to someone who never paid what they owed me for it, and I have bought something I didn’t need or want from someone who asked politely. I have rarely regretted serving a need in another person.

-Rev. Sara Goodman, “In Good Faith”

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You Never Know (10-08-18 Sermon)

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There’s no evidence that’s true; there’s no evidence it isn’t. You never know. To me, faith is right relation to unknowing and to mystery. It’s not the opposite of doubt; it’s the soulmate of doubt. Without doubt, you really don’t need faith. The opposite of doubt is arrogance, and ignorance. Bravado. Hubris. Swagger.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “You Never Know”
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