Come What May (12-10-17 Sermon)

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This is how we remember how to be human, by remembering, on purpose, what inspires us and warms us, what delights us in the joy and bravery of others, or the beauty of the world; placing ourselves on purpose in places where we’re likely to hear stories that we long to hear with our grateful eyes wide open.

- Rev. Victoria Safford, “Come What May”
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Where Do We Come From (12-03-17 Sermon)

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In this house, we come from many places, or maybe, more accurately, we’ve traveled many roads, many winding streets, to arrive by grace and luck and diligence at this particular intersection – and when we got here, gasping on the threshold, someone said, “Come in.”

- Rev. Victoria Safford, “Where Do We Come From”

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Down by the Riverside (11-12-17 Sermon)

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It seems so obvious what we ought to do, and most of the time we’re trying, even as we quietly know, in the back of our minds, the back of our souls, that our comfortable and peaceful lives are made possible in part, in countless invisible ways, by works of war, inflicted in our name upon the earth and on people none of us will ever meet. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, as one prophet reminded us not so long ago, tied in a single garment of destiny.

- Rev. Victoria Safford, “Down by the Riverside”

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Abide With Me (10-29-17 Sermon)

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Grief abides when we lose someone we love, and kindness also, when we’re fortunate – and so does something else. When I asked this month what happens to our loved ones when they die, asked you to write to me, tell me your belief, your thoughts, your experience of this, again and again it was clear that something else abides, takes up residence among us and within us, companioning our days.

- Rev. Victoria Safford, “Abide With Me”
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Whose Streets? (10-22-17 Sermon)

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For some people these debates about monuments and flags and American identities (what makes America great again) are theoretical, political, academic, historical. And for some people they are all this, and also and primarily personal. The statue is an intimate rebuke to any little child, or any adult, who’s forced to see it every day. This was an older American speaking about his great grandparents who had been held as slaves. This is not that far back.

- Rev. Victoria Safford, “Whose Streets”
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