Psalms for the Event Horizon (05-05-19 Sermon)

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The human ego is a kind of black hole, sucking to its center everybody else’s truth, everyone else’s perspective, the event horizon of ravenous self-interest. What moved me in this international project was that no one camera could capture the image, no one astronomer could do it. They had to step back and expand over the half the surface of the planet to see the bigger picture; a singular point of view was only useful in relation to all the other points. This is also a religious way, this essential pluralism, this willing confession that your own point of view is only that, a pinprick of experience, meaningless unless it’s in relation. This is a matter of science and a matter of the heart.
-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Psalms for the Event Horizon”
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Anything is Possible in this World (04-21-19 Sermon)

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What can we imagine? When our spirits are weary and ragged, and the news of the day, day after day, almost unspeakably bad (except that we are called to speak, to testify) and our hearts are broken and our hope is faltering, and it feels like our country, and our soul practically, has been hijacked – what can we yet imagine? I don’t know if anything is possible in this world, but I’m pretty sure that nothing much of value is until we can see it in our minds, speak it with our mouths, tell stories about it that we learned when we were children and never quite forgot, because those stories were true.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “Anything is Possible in this World”

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So Be It. See to It. (04-07-19 Sermon)

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So Be It is a petitionary prayer: may this vision come to pass. May this dream become reality. So Be It is a prayer, like may it be so, or blessed be, but See to It is a charge, a commission, a summons to her own spirit. So may it be – now make it happen. It is a beautiful, powerful, audacious, inspiring spell. It makes me wonder what it would feel like here if at the end of our services when we say May peace dwell within our hearts and understanding in our minds…and love of truth forever guide us, we were to look right at one another and say, So be it. See to it!

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “So Be it. See to It.”
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So Great a Cloud of Witness (03-24-19 Sermon)

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Sometimes I still do what I did when I was very small: close my eyes and try to picture them, my relatives, my people, close my eyes and wait to see if I can see them walking toward me, see if someone’s face or hand or voice will reveal itself to me – and of course they never do. And then I open my eyes, and here we all are, writing our names in the family bible. We’re defining and refining all our lives a worthy answer to the question about who our own people are, the ones to whom we feel grateful and accountable- ancestors, descendants, heroes and teachers, beloveds close beside us, strangers far away, expanding that circle ever wider till those on the margins are brought to the center and the whole family is truly whole.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “So Great a Cloud of Witness”
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Hurry Up and Slow Down (03-17-19 Sermon)

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What would happen if you were to slow down? Not just take a walk in the woods, or sit in a bath for an hour a week – although I wouldn’t begrudge you those luxuries, it can be lifesaving to take those pauses. But what if we slowed down all the time? What if we prioritized relationships over productivity? What if we prioritized sustainability over convenience? What if we prioritized community over individuals?
-Rev. Sara Goodman, “Hurry Up and Slow Down”