So Great a Cloud of Witness (03-24-19 Sermon)

Sometimes I still do what I did when I was very small: close my eyes and try to picture them, my relatives, my people, close my eyes and wait to see if I can see them walking toward me, see if someone’s face or hand or voice will reveal itself to me – and of course they never do. And then I open my eyes, and here we all are, writing our names in the family bible. We’re defining and refining all our lives a worthy answer to the question about who our own people are, the ones to whom we feel grateful and accountable- ancestors, descendants, heroes and teachers, beloveds close beside us, strangers far away, expanding that circle ever wider till those on the margins are brought to the center and the whole family is truly whole.

-Rev. Victoria Safford, “So Great a Cloud of Witness”
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