Truth: The Practice of Discerning and Discovering


What are the answers to life’s deep questions?

Maybe the truth lies in
–hugging a tree
–holding a friend
–walking a path
–loving winter rain
–and sharing your

Gail Diez

Photo by Gail Diez


Discovery and Discernment

I have thought of my life as a journey for as long as I can remember.  In childhood, my mother read aloud to us from The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia.  These books played a large part in teaching me about searching, getting lost, making mistakes, being forgiven and moving forward.  By the time I was in college, I was majoring in everything in order to seek the truth about life and my calling.  Sometimes I wonder where my life would have taken me if someone had told me how to think and what to do.  Maybe I would have retired earlier from a steady job and with more security.  Maybe I would be wed.

To search is a privilege of sorts, arising from not living in a struggle for material survival.  There may be a danger in becoming enamored of the search itself and losing sight of opportunities for choice or commitment, for action.  Personal calling happens in a larger real world of demands and needs that must be answered.

—Ellen Lowery



Photo by Zayn Bilkadi

The Darkness that makes us see:

Darkness above and below is the ultimate comfort of the illuminated, humane soul.

Could the moon be seen in its shiniest glory without the Darkness surrounding it?

Take away the Darkness and the shine would fade away too, overwhelmed by the fury of our sun.

If Darkness did not exist our searching souls would be lost, deprived not only of the soothing beauty of the moon near us, but of the illuminating twinkle of the far off stars in our universe, reminding us each night of the vastness of the cosmos and …our smallness.

—Zayn Bilkadi