Visiting With Children

You and your whole family are welcome here!

Visiting children are welcome to stay with parents in the service, but are also welcome to attend our classes, offered for ages 3 through grade 12. Information about our classes and schedule is available under Children and Youth. Restless children may be more comfortable in our Quiet Room – which is located in the back of the sanctuary and is a comfortable, soundproof room from which you can see and hear the service. A nursery is also available for ages 6 months to 3 years.

If you bring children:

  • Come a little early and ask to see the Director of Religious Education or Acting Director. They will give you a tour so you will know where classrooms are located.
  • All children- ages 3 and up, attend the beginning of the service. When dismissed, guests should be delivered to class by parents.
  • Visitor forms for each child should be picked up at the welcome center (blue, half sheet) and given to teachers in class. If you do not get one, teachers have them in class and can give you one.
  • Classes end 10 minutes after the hour. Feel free to visit with other adults after the service ends. All guest children through grade six should be picked up by parents.