Ways of the Heart (10-23-16 Sermon)

There are ways of the heart
that move among humans, I believe, as water moves:
under the surface, often invisible,
connecting us to those who came before
and those who will come after, and to one another.
Covenants are lifelines that anchor us in time and space,
and bind us to each other, to the earth, and God.
These ways of the heart are woven by hand,
and we spend our whole lives checking the lines,
repairing frayed places,
braiding in new threads of wisdom when they come,
attending to loose ends.
Covenants are the lifelines that hold us steady,
hold us together and hold us accountable;
they keep us on the path we mean to travel
and remind us where we mean to go.

– Rev. Victoria Safford, “Ways of the Heart”
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