Despite the rain, the 2014 WBUUC Earth Day Celebration was a success!

Watch WBUUC Earth Day Celebration Slideshow on YouTube

Dr. Curt Meine concluded his Earth Day talk on Sunday, April 27, “Growing Hope on a Troubled Earth, ” by quoting a baseball player who didn’t “hope” he would catch the ball or hope his team would win because his mind and body were “in the game. ” The Green Team thanks everyone “in the game” at our celebration of Earth Day at WBUUC on April 27, especially those who performed specific tasks: Jackie Metelak, Susan Warweg, Carol Upham, Lisa Monzel, Dick Haskett, Dana Jackson, Kirk Cobb, Nancy Hinrichs, Jonee Brigham, Cynthia Tande, Paulette Jones, Peter Mayer, David Heath, Paul Smithson, Joanna Eckles, Jeannie Inglehart, Peter Nord, John Macke, Karen Dahl, Steve Freund, Stirling Cousins, Lauren Culbert, Karen Wold, Diane Smith, Janet Kortuem, Dana Jackson, Kathleen Weflen, Michele Burlew, Laurie Kigner, Ann Frisch, Jane Bacon, Jim Cooper, Dee Smith, Pat Young, Rev. Luke Stevens- Royer and the patient, helpful office staff.