We gather for Worship each Sunday morning at 9:00 and 11:00.  This is a time for reading and reflections, singing and silence.  We gather to grow our souls, slow our pace, and find our grounding in an open life of the spirit.  Beyond Sunday Worship, there are many ways to grow your soul.

As Unitarian Universalists, we recognize a diversity of spiritual paths, and a deep unity in our travel together. In this church, there are people who pray, people who meditate, people who write, people who make art, people who practice paying attention, people who read mindfully, and people who have no active spiritual practice at all. We don’t say the same words, perform the same actions, or address the holy aspects of life in the same ways.

In that diversity is our unity and our strength. Whatever form our spiritual life takes, we believe that behind the diversity is unity: our lives begin and end in mystery; our universe is vast and we ourselves tiny; we make our own choices, and we are entangled with every person and living thing in this world.

Our spirituality is an individual path which we find in community. It is a personal road, guided by the wisdom of generations and the counsel of our community. Its way is always changing against the constant guideposts of being alive and having to die.

We come into this church because tending to the inner flame of our spirit – whichever language we use to name it, or practices we follow to cultivate it – is something we are called to do.