Art on Exhibit

Robert Kerns
Tapeworks Revisited
May 23-July 17, 2019




Robert’s delightfully accessible, honest and inviting work spans more than four decades of some serious studio play.

His work is uniquely his own, inspired by his grandmother’s quilts, stamp collecting, grasshopper legs, the Texas skies.  He reflects classics ranging from Cezanne, duChamp, Mondrian and expands on movements like pop/folk art and “Pattern and Decoration.  Yet when it comes down to it, his work defies categorization.

Born in Texas, raised in Kansas, Robert taught in several Midwest universities and was a studio artist in New York. Over time, his work evolved from paint and canvas to mixed media and colored tape.

A 1979 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts allowed for a discovery trip across Greece, Turkey and Iran, where Robert explored the reduction of the figurative form from west to east. He recognized an integral spiritual relationship in pattern and decoration, which is reflected in much of his work.

Despite his more serious transformative message, he is helplessly playful. His work depicts a spiritual element born of reverent irreverence, and yet refinement holds whimsy accountable. Robert invites you to let the objects be experienced in the light of your own perceptions, find freedom from your perspectives. See beauty in a new light!

All work on display belongs to private collections and is not for sale.