Art on Exhibit

Bebe Keith

January 16 – April 3



About the Artist:

Bebe is a self-taught artist who likes to laugh. She loves creating and is always looking for ways to stretch and grow as an artist and as a human. For years she did stained glass mosaics, but then she tried making a mosaic with paper and was so excited that she sold all of her glass! Bebe loves learning and experimenting with new techniques and materials, such as playing with metallic leafing, adding pen and painting to the collages and creating her own papers. Along with her mixed media work, she creates portraits with watercolors and pastel landscapes.

She has written/illustrated several books and offers online classes in collage and watercolor portraits. Bebe has done a lot of public artwork as well, and her designs can be found in hospitals, airports, event centers, libraries, colleges and more across the country.
Instagram: bebekeithdesigns
Facebook: bebekeithdesigns


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