Art on Exhibit

David Amdur
June 19 – August 31



Artist Statement:

Even before COVID, our culture was beset with isolation and conflict. In response, I reached out by painting people coming together through music, art, festivals and social justice.

A main subject was local musicians, outside the mainstream, who extend the creative vocabulary of our community.

In 2020, I painted a memorial to George Floyd, depicting his brother visiting site of his murder with the community gathered there. Though anguished, I feel hope is found in how diverse people came together to demand justice.

Before that, I painted the MayDay Parade, organized annually for 45 years in South Minneapolis by the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre.

Previously, I painted gardens in my neighborhood in Saint Paul. I was inspired, not only in the beauty of these spaces, but also by the creativity of those who enrich our communities with their labor.

An article about my art is at: