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Marie Panlener | Now – May 26, 2024

Meet and Greet with the Artist – April 14



Marie Panlener is a retired corporate commercial artist who worked in print design, web design, video design and coordination. She currently serves on two art group boards and designs and edits the monthly newsletter for the Minnesota Artists Association. She is the past president as well as the past chair of the member’s exhibition for NorthStar Watermedia Association. Marie has attended and coordinated a weekly critique group for eleven years.


Artist’s Statement: I’m a retired corporate commercial artist. I worked in print, web and video mediums. In my art practice I teeter-totter between realistic and abstract work, both take place in a different part of my brain than daily life and I enjoy the break.

I sometimes start an abstract painting with a graphite scribble, trying to make unpracticed lines. I follow this with light random painting, sometimes by dripping paint onto the paper and moving it around with a credit card, squeegee or sponge roller. I react to what is happening on the paper rather than having a plan. Particular colors put next to each other create a glow. My process starts random and works its way to controlled. Nearing the end of painting, I might use watercolor pencils or white charcoal pencils and a ruler to identify shapes, or use a graphic template and a sponge roller to lift paint and leave a pattern.

I’m influenced by the shapes in mid-century modern design, layering, and the possibilities in a color wheel.

The viewer may see a busy street with honking horns and traffic lights, or hear flapping flags in the brightness of day, or a boat in the coolness of night, or maybe robots beeping or bubbles popping. It’s interesting to hear about what a viewer sees that I didn’t, such as when a random abstract becomes a kitchen with a sink, stove and refrigerator.

These abstract paintings would fit in experimental places with modern interiors, places where one could linger and look around. I’m delighted when viewers can spend some time with them and discover more than a first impression.