Pledge 2022-2023

A Community of Resilience
Welcome to the 2022-2023 Pledge Drive!

This is a community of resilience. More than once, amazing chapters in the congregation’s story have come right after moments of intense challenge. The bonds of love and connection are deep and wide and strong. There is so much to celebrate and be grateful for in WBUUC’s story.

This no doubt is another challenging moment in the congregation’s story. The departure of a longtime, gifted, beloved Lead Minister at the same time as remarkable, even longer-serving leaders of our music program retired, with a global pandemic that necessitated shifting to virtual gatherings for most of the past two years—what a potent combination of challenges! And still, the congregation has continued to touch and deepen lives. And still, the congregation has continued to nurture spiritual journeys. And still, the congregation has continued to serve the world. We are also working hard to prepare for a ministerial search beginning in the late spring that will hopefully culminate in calling a new Lead Minister next spring (with the new minister starting in August 2023). Despite all the challenges, we are moving forward, together. Resilience!

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This pledge drive and the fiscal condition of the church will be what potential candidates for our new Lead Minister position see. A budget that tangibly illustrates WBUUC’s resilience and our being well-poised for our next chapter will help make this a highly attractive position.

Let’s join together and make this pledge drive a resounding success! We invite you to join as you are able to help keep this a community of resilience!