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Propelling Our Promise of Partnership
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Our beloved, resilient WBUUC community has gone through a trying three years: a global pandemic, the departure of Rev. Victoria Safford and our longtime music staff after decades of loving service, and reinventing worship and programming to work in this new, both-virtual-and-in-person, multigenerational world.

At the same time, WBUUC’s core of resiliency, spiritual depth, and caring for one another and the world beyond the church walls are all constants. So is mutual partnership.

The mutual partnership between the congregation and Victoria was at the heart of the last, wonderful chapter of WBUUC’s story. Now we get ready to begin a new partnership with a new settled Lead Minister who we expect will join us in August. This new partnership will be at the heart of this next chapter.

Mutual partnership also characterizes the relationship WBUUC members and staff have with one another as individuals and as communities within the congregation. And it characterizes our financial commitment to WBUUC. Pledges are promises of partnership to each other, this congregation, and its future. Mutual partnership is also the way we approach justice work beyond our walls: we don’t come in as saviors with cash and all the answers but as people wanting to work side-by-side and even follow with community organizations and people living with oppression and challenge.

We hope that WBUUC members and friends who are able will consider raising their pledges by 5% or 10%. A lot of folks doing this along with cost savings from the reduction in ministerial staff will help fuel the start AND enable a major step forward in being less reliant on financial reserves.