Our sanctuary provides a lovely setting for a larger wedding.

We are delighted that as of August, 2013, with marriage equality becoming the law in Minnesota, our pens are ready, our doors are open – for EVERY wedding, we are open for business! All Wedding and Union Ceremonies in our tradition are crafted by the Minister and the couple together, reflecting the values, hopes, and personality of the couple within the framework of an open and inclusive faith tradition.

We are happy to work with all couples: opposite or same gender, from different faith traditions or no faith tradition at all, from traditions other than Unitarian Universalism, etc. We are happy to work with all couples seeking a meaningful ceremony grounded in equality, mutual love, and shared hopes.


The atrium is a flexible space perfect for smaller, more intimate ceremonies.

The Ceremony can include readings and music from a variety of sources, and cultural or religious practices from various traditions that are important to the couple. We seek to find a respectful inclusion of the traditions of each person and family in a unique celebration, while at the same time celebrating the universal truths of human love and relationship, bonded in sacred promises of covenant with each other.

In 2002, with the support of the Board of Directors of our church, our Lead Minister made public her decision to sign no marriage certificates for heterosexual couples until the rights and privileges such documents afford are made available to gay and lesbian couples as well. This witness for marriage equality continued as a practice of our ministry staff, until the passage of marriage equality in Minnesota in 2013.

Our ministers will preside at a Wedding here at our church, or at another site.

To inquire about rental and reservations of our building, ministerial availability or fees, please contact Anna Gehres at