Lay Leadership


Our church has a history of a robust and invested lay leadership. The church is governed and supported by its people.

Name Position Staff Liaison Board Liaison
Board of Directors
Jillian Lampert President
Cecelia Dodge Vice President
Laurie Wenker Past President
Kristen Daniels Secretary
Jim Van Ostrand Treasurer
Claire Schleicher At Large
Annie Vail At Large
Gena Borgmeier At Large
Roger Upham At Large
Stephanie Ward At Large
Youth Rep.
Roger Bertschausen Ex officio
Facing Race
Roger Bertschausen
Michael Buerke Convener Michael Buerke
Earth Ministry
Dana Boyle Co-Chair Roger Bertschausen
Dana Jackson Co-Chair
Financial Development
Klay Eckles Co-Chair Michael Buerke
Dana Boyle Co-Chair
Financial Development – Auction Committee
Dana Boyle Co-Chair Michael Buerke
Sharon Castle Co-Chair
Financial Development-Endowment Committee
Jack VerSteegh Chair Michael Buerke
Financial Development-Pledge
Emily Stelter Co-Chair Michael Buerke  Nicolet Lyon
Claire Schleicher Co-Chair
Financial Oversight Committee
Robert Secor ChairMichael Buerke  Jim Van Ostrand
Jim Van Ostrand Treasurer
Gallery Committee
Chair Sara Goodman
Kitchen Volunteers
Roger Upham Co-Chair Michael Buerke
Jack Gaede
Land Stewardship Committee
Jerry Condon Chair Michael Buerke  Annie Vail
Memorial Concept ad-hoc Committee
Jackie Metelak Convener
Spiritual Development 
Sara Goodman  Gena Borgmeier
Belonging and Community  Committee
Jack Gaede
Nominations and Leadership Development
Eric Bassett
Pat Nyman
Kathy Macomber
Michael Martini
Katie Barrett-Wiik
Pastoral Care
Sara Goodman
Sanctuary Committee - not active during pandemic time
Kathy Mackin Co-Chair
Karlyn Peterson Co-Chair
Religious Education
Amy Peterson Derrick
Social Action Committee
Jane Bacon Co-Chair  Kathy Sedro
Alan Mitchell Co-Chair
Sunday Morning Welcome Team – not active during pandemic time
 Debra DeBroux Jack Gaede
Worship Advisory Council
Lisa Sem Chair Roger Bertschausen
Youth/Adult Committee - not active during pandemic time
Amy Peterson Derrick  Owen Dam
Building Advisory Group
Michael Buerke