Lay Leadership

LEADERSHIP: BOARD AND COMMITTEES Our church has a history of a robust and invested lay leadership. The church is governed and supported by its people.

Name Position E-mail Phone Staff Liaison Board Liaison
Board of Directors
Miles,  Susan President 651-433-8508
 Vice President
Kigner,  Laurie Past President 612-961-9338
Boyle,  Dana Secretary 651-895-5821
Van Ostrand,  Jim Treasurer 612-807-0284
Cole,  Malia At Large 651-330-2309
Hogen,  Karin At Large 507-351-1312
Melum,  Mara At Large
Shaw,  (Bob) At Large 651-702-0423
Wenker,  Laurie At Large 651-247-1629
Daniels,  Tehya Youth Rep. 651-490-7619
Circle Suppers
XX Coordinator XX XX
Gehres,  Anna Convener 651-426-2369 Gehres, Anna
Financial Development
Eckles,  Klay Chair 651-275-1875 Safford, Victoria Gehres, Anna Miles, Susan
Financial Development-Auction Committee
Ferguson,  Gloria Co-Chair 651-295-5073 Safford, Victoria Gehres, Anna Miles, Susan
McCormick,  Jody Co-Chair 651-426-1407
Financial Development-Endowment Committee
VerSteegh, Jack Chair 651-426-6467 Safford, Victoria Gehres, Anna King, Mark
Financial Development-Joyful Noise Committee
Berg,  Margo Co-Chair 612-720-2857 Safford, Victoria Gehres, Anna Miles, Susan
Tomlinson,  Cynthia Co-Chair 651-429-8665
Financial Development-Pledge
Holzer,  Jane Co-Chair 651-324-8804 Safford, Victoria Gehres, Anna Melum, Mara
Poul,  Mary Co-Chair 651-501-1938
Financial Oversight Committee
Secor,  Robert Chair 651-468-1474 Gehres, Anna Van Ostrand, Jim
Van Ostrand,  Jim Treasurer 612-807-0284
Gallery Committee
Fawcett,  Judy Chair 651-731-2972 Bance,Betsy Hogen, Karin
Kitchen and Meals
Inglehart,  Jeannie Co-Chair 651-698-1285 MacKay, Shay
Upham,  Roger Co-Chair 651-646-1794
Land Stewardship Committee
Condon,  Jerry Chair 651-235-7850 Gehres, Anna Boyle, Dana
Lifespan Spiritual Development
XX Chair XX XX MacKay, Shay Cole, Malia
Membership Committee
Berg, Margo Chair 612-720-2857 MacKay, Shay Hogen, Karin
Nominations and Leadership Development
Nelson,  Chris Chair 612-940-2085 Safford, Victoria Kigner, Laurie
Pastoral Care
 XX Chair  XX  XX Safford, Victoria
Racial Justice Taskforce
XX Chair XX XX Safford, Victoria
Religious Education
Rodriguez,  Kaari Chair 651-493-9087 Peterson Derrick, Amy Cole, Malia
Social Action Committee
Bacon,  Jane Co-Chair 651-426-4319 Safford, Victoria Wenker, Laurie
Mitchell,  Alan Co-Chair 651-426-5059
Sunday Morning Welcome Team
Cowin,  Nan Co-Chair 612-802-8376 MacKay, Shay Hogen, Karin
Hanson,  Cindy Co-Chair 651-429-7949
Worship Advisory Council
Sem,  Lisa Chair 651-503-8082 Safford, Victoria Cunio, Thaxter Bob Shaw
Youth/Adult Committee
Roycraft,  Collin Chair 651-490-9044 Schwendeman, Jill Tehya Daniels