Values & Mission

White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church (WBUUC) welcomes all who seek a religious home free of creeds and guided by love, reason, and conscience.

Our church is of the free faith tradition – you don’t need to believe certain tenets to belong here. We encourage one another along the journey.

Our vibrant religious education program helps our children develop their spiritual curiosity and awaken their soul without imposing a particular set of beliefs on them.

We are a Welcoming Congregation, celebrating and affirming the active presence here of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and heterosexual members and friends, and their families.

We come into this church because tending to the inner flame of our spirit – whichever language we use to name it, or practices we follow to cultivate it – is something we are called to do.

Our Sanctuary Chalice created by sculptor Kate Christopher

Our Sanctuary Chalice created by sculptor Kate Christopher

Values: Courage, Reverence, Compassion

Mission: Together, we grow our souls and serve the world.

Strategic Priorities of the Board through the ministerial transition:

  • Structurally, we will define the roles of staff and volunteer leaders so that every person and group understands their responsibility, has the tools to accomplish it, and understands to whom they are accountable.
  • Culturally, we will strengthen the fabric of our congregation with a particular focus on the critical voices of youth and new members.
  • We will provide a high level of support and engagement with the ministerial search process.

Summary: Our goal over the next eighteen months is to have both a strong organization and community when the new settled Lead Minister is called.