WBUUC Relational Covenant

Adopted June 2022
Download WBUUC Relational Covenant


We adopt this covenant to build loving, healthy, and trusting relationships within our congregation. This living document of our shared commitments will continue to be shaped by our experiences together.


  • We grow our souls in a spirit of courage, reverence, and compassion.
  • We commit our time, talent and treasure to promote positive change in ourselves and in the world.



  •  We are welcoming, kind, and inclusive, and invite the engagement of all.
  • We honor diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity, race, ability, income level, family structure, and ensure our actions are consistent with this commitment.
  • We agree that all gifts of time, skill, and money are of equal importance and worthy of gratitude.
  • We balance our individual needs with the well-being of the community as a whole.
  • We work for justice and engage in acts of service and compassion to promote love and equality in our church and community.



  • We speak directly with respect and compassion to persons with whom we disagree, and listen deeply to each other, seeking both to understand and to be understood.
  • We value differences in perceptions, spiritual beliefs, religious practices, and previous experiences.
  • We recognize that communication is a dialogue and are aware of how our words and actions affect others.
  • We question our own assumptions, correct misunderstandings, and see disagreements as an opportunity for growth.
  • When conflict arises, we speak directly and respectfully with those involved.
  • We see differences through to an authentic resolution and accept skilled help when we cannot reach agreement

We may sometimes fall short, and we will do our best to bring one another back into covenant in a caring way. We bind ourselves to journey together in the spirit of love.

Abridged Covenant:

  • We nurture our ethical, intellectual, and spiritual lives in support of our church community.
  • We hold honest and respectful communication as the basis of lasting, healthy relationships.
  • We build an enduring community as a spiritual practice.